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Foreign Coins


The U.S. Penny & Coin Counting /Exchange Service Corp. is a full service coin counting exchange service corporation. We are also the premier service in foreign coins exchange. We buy foreign coins from ALL countries including Europe (England, Danmark, Sweden Germany, Ireland etc.), Canada, Mexico, Australia, Asia, South and Central America, Caribbean territories, South Africa etc.. Even relatively small quantities of foreign coins can be exchanged using our secure and convenient mail service. We can now securely exchange desirable foreign coins from anywhere in the United States and Canada. 

Examples of some of the foreign coins that  are:

  • British Pounds (5 and up)
  • Canadian Dollar (5 and up)
  • New Zealand (0.05 and up)
  • German Marks (1/2 marks and up)
  • Mexican Pesos (1 pesos and up)
  • Swiss Francs (0.10 Franc and up)
  • Australian Dollar (0.10 and up)
  • Euro Coins (5 and up)
  • Yen ( 50 Yen and up)

British pound coins, Canadian and  Euro  $1.00 coins are purchased at higher rates (up to 70% of the face value).Smaller coin denominations are purchased closer to 50% of their face value. Likewise, we will pay less for smaller denominations and coins from minor countries. We may accept  smaller denominations (1,  5, 10 etc.) from some jurisdictions for the METAL CONTENT ONLY (i.e they are purchase at $2 - $3/lbs for their metal content). We would like to accept all foreign coins for their intrinsic value irrespective of denomination but unfortunately this is not cost effective. It would cost more to return the coins than  they are worth. In short, All Coins remitted to us will be redeemed for intrinsic value or metal content.

Foreign currency can also be bought and sold at rates that are fair to you, at our brick and mortar locations.Outmoded but redeemable paper from Germany, France, Belgium, Greek etc can also be purchase at a discount to their last trading rate. Major Foreign Currency  (paper) from MAJOR COUNTRIES are bought and sold at a mere 1% surcharge, so call us today. Our Foreign currency brokers are waiting to help you in any way we can.


Foreign Currency Bought and Sold
909 West Broad Street (Rt. 7) Falls Church, VA 22046
Phone: (703) 538-5525 Fax: (703) 538-3084

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